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Monday, 30 July 2012 10:48

What's new:

All AIs now can use internal pathfinding.

You can set up now a recoil for every player weapon in "Universal Gun" script.

Shooter Engine now has one "Universal Gun" script for Player's and AI's weapons. It now can use or rigidbodies or simple gameobjects as bullets.

Added "Inertia" parameter to both Player's camera scripts.

Further work on touch controls - now many additional buttons can be placed on the screen (using Joystick or GUIButton scripts). Player should be selected as message target in that script and one of the following messages can be used:

Run, Jump, Crouch, Action, SwitchCamera, DownSight, NextWeapon, PreviousWeapon, SwitchWeapon.

FPS headbobbing was extended a little. Enhanced FPS weapon movements.

Many other little enhancements in the scripts and the prefabs.

See new webplayer demos or download Android versions!

Last Updated on Tuesday, 31 July 2012 02:49