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Thursday, 24 November 2011 00:00

Crossplatform version plus Documentation.
Tested on Android and iPhone, but I hope it should work on other platforms too.

Scripts have many optimizations and fixes.
For many main scripts their parameters now are organized into classes. I hope their setup now should be easier.

FPS Player now uses Character Controller and Character Motor, not rigidbody. Camera script for it was rewritten too.

Added Radar prefab.
It is simple, and shows enemies and friends on the map, plus can show direction to the destination or target.
For multi-floor buildings you can specify a different map per floor.

Locomotion System for all AIs now optional.
Also AIs now have "intuitive search time" param and because of it, they are more smarter in searching.
Their fire animations now synchronized with gun scripts too, similar to Players.

Ingame menu for mobiles.

A little modified standard Joystick script. Now it has three modes: Joystick, Touch Pad and Button.
In Touch Pad mode, it can use entire screen. Joysticks and Buttons can have different textures when pressed.
All touches tracked, so no conflicts between different joysticks - any touch belongs only to a specific joystick.

Plus many other little enhancements in many scripts.

Documentation currently contains only Third Person Player setup process.
AIs setup is very similar to TPS Player (but much easier) and it will be added later.


See new demos - Angry Orcs demos is not included in U.S.E. archive (it has only Building demo scenes).

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