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Tuesday, 09 August 2011 19:34
  • Very big update. Mostly all scripts were reworked. In the new version I have fixed main project's problems - third person person player now has no jitter, added a blending between aimed and normal states of Player (aim and fire animations moved to locomotion groups). I still keep a version of this PlayerAnimation script with aim and fire upper body animations - because it requires less animations.


  • You can load any previous level from menu. Any level item in the "Load game" menu can have a thumbnail and a description. All gameprogress will be saved now - Player health, lives, all weapons, bullets, clips, enemies killed, score and so on.


  • You can add Intros in LevelStatus script. Movies or cameras (animated or not) can be used for it. You can make intro levels. Intros can be started on level start, or at any time using Trigger script. You can add any number of cameras in the level now and turn them on using Trigger script for example. (Or use function ChangeCamera(gameObject) in LevelStatus script for your own scripts).


  • Underwater system. Underwater damage for Players and all AIs. New "Oxigen" bar for both Players. If "Max Underwater Time" param is exceeded for AI - it will stop hunting and will try to get off the water. Movement speed decreased in water. No footprints and footstep sounds in water. No falling damage if water level more then character height. "WaterInteractions" script can be added to Players/AIs and used for water particle effects and to check "inWater"/"underWater" states, but in advanced mode can be used for ragdolls/rigidbodies effects. It is simple and it is not real buoyancy script, so you can use another buoyancy script for ragdolls/rigidbodies instead. "UnderwaterEffects" script, if placed in the scene, switches underwater effects for any active camera.


  • Little changes to HeadLookController script. HeadLookController's segments now divided into two types - "used for aiming" or not. Effect for every segment now can be changed individually. Because of it, TPS Player now can look along his camera direction when he is in not aimed state, and also can look at nearest enemy (if any in his seek range). All AIs can look at his enemies too for now.


  • Player now has droppable weapons. Added "Max Carried Weapons" param. Player should drop any weapon to pickup a new one, if already he has maximum of them.


  • TPS Player now can climb ladders and use Jumppads too.


  • Player and all AIs now use standard Character Motor instead of locomotion's one. It is now a little extended - I have added a function for platform game controls for it. So, speed on slopes can be clamped for all of them, but support for moving platforms, sliding still available only for Players yet (these animations can be assigned).


  • Very enhanced fire animations (for both players and armed enemies). Fire animations now work in sinc with the gun scripts. Added "Shot Delay" parameter to gun scripts, so for now gun scripts can be used for hand grenades for example.


  • Reworked AI scripts - AI movements, logic (Friendly AI now trying not to lose the Player), shooting for armed enemies. Animal AI now can retreat. Added two params for it - retreat probability and retreat distance. Armed AIs can use ArmIK script for their left hands positioning (with same params as Player has).


  • If more then one waypont group name is set in Enemy respawn scripts - on instanciating, enemies will use one of these group names in random order. It will add more unpredictability to the game.


  • Reworked Pickup script. Added simple "Score" type of pickup.


  • Reworked death camera.


  • Both Players and all AIs can have regenerating health. You can set speed of the regenerating.


See new demos! I used old building scene for new demos. The scene divided into three parts to demonstrate "Load game" menu. It will be shown only if you already have at least one level done.

AI scripts use A* Pathfinding project 3.0.

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